Nordic Home Of ‘Hygge’

“This is an artistic environment, surrounded by the beauty and solitude of the Burren. The garden supports all kinds of wildlife. It is also within a short distance from other inspiring venues. I recommend staying in Hanne’s Cottage, very much.”


It is spring. However on this particular April spring day in the Burren, the rain is torrential and the fire is still lit. How blessed to be able to cosy up inside this beautiful and tranquil traditional Irish cottage whilst listening to the drumming rain on the slated roof. At times, this is my favourite weather. Nestling. And nature just gets on with it. Despite the rain, birds are busy building their nests. I am daily sneaking out hanging all the fluff shedded from the fuzzy feline aka Her Ladyship (don’t tell her!) in small pieces on the trees and I am watching with delight the finches and house sparrows flying around looking like Santa with big white beards. Once I saw a nest entirely build from the fur from her coat…! I see mistle trushes pulling the withered long grass from the meadow to use for insulating their nests and blackbirds are taking advantage of all the moss that grows where there once was a lawn. Imagine what a soft nest they’re building with all this moss available. Hanne’s Cottage is an ever unfolding ARK (Act of Restorative Kindness – inspired by Mary Reynolds) and managed for wildlife. The feedback I am getting from this little arks wild inhabitants fills me with a profound gratitude. That really is the most important feedback I can get; the longterm residents with wings or no wings, thriving and having a place they can call home. As one guest said; “you are in paradise here”. It truly is a little sanctuary on this blue marble we call Earth. For animals and humans alike. Everything offered to you here is quality, authentic and natural, and where at all possible locally and sustainable sourced and organic too.

Although it is spring, the weather today is perfect to send out this little film created through the colder and darker autumn and winter months at Hanne’s Cottage. A lot of time was spent with coffee, chats, sharing creative ideas and giggles with the amazing Aleksandra Skibniewska, creating this video. Or rather; I hung out in pyjamas, made coffee and cuddled the uncuddly fluffy one aka Her Ladyship whilst Aleks Photography did all the hard work and editing, completing it with the beautiful instrumental piece “Breathe” by my dear friend Luka Bloom. Breathe. A very fitting title for a tune landing gently in this little introduction to Hanne’s Cottage.

If you know of anyone who might enjoy this particular place and space, please feel free to share this post with them. Bookings by request.

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