A little introduction and glimpse into the warmth of Hanne’s Cottage and the life that surrounds it. It is deeply soothing for the soul and spirit to watch the birds at close range, the gentle light through the trees and the ever changing colours of the Burren mountains. All this without leaving Hanne’s Cottage. On days of sideways rain there is nothing like gazing into the flickering flames from the stove, reading a book and relax into the day exactly as it is.

“This is an artistic environment, surrounded by the beauty and solitude of the Burren. The garden supports all kinds of wildlife. It is also within a short distance from other inspiring venues. I recommend staying in Hanne’s Cottage, very much.” Niamh.

Video created by photographer extraordinaire and filmmaker sublime: Aleksandra Skibniewska 
Beautiful instrumental music so very fittingly called “Breathe” by dear friend and musician Luka Bloom.

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