About Hanne’s Cottage

A traditional Irish cottage from the 1940’s. The original stone floor and high ceilings have been kept intact.

Hanne’s Cottage sits on about 1.2 acres of semi wild land. It is managed, consciously managed. For wildlife. The grass is growing tall and so is the myriad of wildflowers.

The place is called Derrynavahagh and has a little woodland. The original spelling in Irish has been lost but not the meaning; either “The little wood of life” or “The little wood of the bees”

Hanne sees it as her finest duty to be the guardian of Derrynavahagh and the creatures that inhabits it. During the four years she has been in Derrynavahagh she has watched in awe; a red squirrel, pine marten, foxes, hares, many many smaller birds, among them a young robin that deemed her a friend and sat on her hand and the latest addition; long eared owls nesting in an old crows nest in the little woodland, never previously recorded in the area. Derrynavahagh is an ever unfolding ARK = Act of Restorative Kindness towards the Earth Inspired by Mary Reynolds.


A place of profound spirituality, Hanne’s Cottage in the Burren – on the edge of the world – will permeate your heart and soul. 
Hanne is a true creative and a nature-spirit – her home and photography reflect this in spades. Her dedication to nurturing the wild brings about daily rewards in the form of flourishing native flora and fauna which spring from her enchanting grounds. While I adamantly recommend everyone explore the breathtaking landscape and luminous skies of the Burren, if for whatever reason you can’t (weather perhaps), you will not lose out. Hanne’s Cottage is something of wonder, and as far as place-based experiences go, she has captured a sense of being completely immersed in the natural world of this ancient landscape while being tucked up in a cozy cocoon inside.  All of the modern conveniences one could desire are perfectly adapted to the nordic homeliness of this little haven in the hills. Throughout this time of quietude and reflection you may perhaps fall for the charms and into the paws of the fluffy show-stopper, “Her Ladyship”, your miniature feline shaman / lady of the manor. The Burren and surrounding townlands offer artisanal foods, culture and creativity and the kind, friendly locals will welcome you into their community as though you were one of their own. 
The story behind Hanne’s Cottage is a heartwarming ode to humanity, and chatting by the fire with Hanne, a quietly inspiring and fiercely independent woman, rekindles one with the magic in the world we increasingly feel has been lost. <3”

Dearbhaill Maedhbh Troy, Artist and Creative Director at Cnoc Suain, Connemara, Ireland

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