« I really enjoyed my stay at Hanne’s cottage. There is a stillness to the cottage that is rare to find. Hanne is a great host, an interesting person and I immensely enjoyed my conversations with her. I really appreciated the art work in the house and it was lovely to have a room to myself to read and relax. If you are a creative person, a nature lover or you just want a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life that you will enjoy your stay at Hanne’s cottage.  »

Denis Murphy from Kerry, Ireland. February 2023.

“My Mother and I spent two nights at Hanne’s Cottage in February 2023, where we found a
peaceful, warm and welcoming resting place in the Burren that offers a truly unique experience.

Hanne’s Cottage and land is located in the Caher Valley and is a refuge for reflection, calm,
wildlife and nature. The location feels remote, no more sensed when walking the quiet roads
outside Hanne’s Cottage at night under clear, full moonlight, where all you can hear are the faint
sounds of a river in the valley and different animals rustling in the hedges, above or out in the
fields. The cottage itself is full of character and tastefully blends traditional with modern design.
Hanne’s artistic nature is evident throughout the place she has created and through her
photography that takes pride of place on her walls. What’s reflected in some of her imagery
awaits outside! Hanne has a beautiful cat that’s equally full in character, that welcomed us in,
thankfully, and that we admired from a small distance. Hanne’s cottage is plenty cosy and warm.
Hanne kept the fire lit while we were out gallivanting and provided us with water bottles and
blankets if needed at night.

We found a kind and enthusiastic host in Hanne who cares deeply about the environment, the
land, wildlife and supporting other Irish businesses. Throughout our stay, we found evidence that
Hanne practices what she preaches. Having a host so attuned to the surrounding nature and
wildlife has its perks; we sat with Hanne one night and listened to two long-eared owls that live
in her woodland and witnessed her feed a blue tit. These experiences were highlights of our trip!
Hanne is enjoyable and interesting to talk to, a person who is an adept listener and
conversationalist. She displays presence while also being respectful of space. She was attentive
throughout our stay, checking in to see that we had everything we needed and taking an interest
in how our trip was going. On our way home, my Mother remarked on how Hanne is ‘generous
of spirit’, and I would agree.

From our early communications with Hanne, she took an interest in the purpose and reasoning
behind our trip and tried to suggest excursions that aligned with our interests. Her knowledge of
the area from exploring it herself and of writers from the area assisted us in piecing together an
itinerary for our stay. For example, my Mum and I both love John O’Donohue’s work, and
Hanne directed us to his grave and a chapel and holy well that she told us he often frequented
and that features in some of his work. Throughout our stay, she recommended plenty for us to
do, and we intend to return to complete some of the other activities she suggested, such as
different hiking routes and Caher Bridge Garden.

We both felt rested, inspired and enlightened after our trip and like we had both connected with
something. It was a healing experience. That was largely down to what Hanne has created at her
cottage and her capacity to facilitate a healing space. On the website, Hanne’s cottage claims to
be a place for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and people looking for inspiration and deep
stillness – my Mum and I can attest to all that. See you soon, Hanne and Her Ladyship, and thank

David and Patricia / Ireland. February 2023.

“I spent a very enjoyable, restful few days in Hanne’s Cottage recently, a beautifully renovated cottage in the Caher Valley on the Burren. It would appeal to those who have an interest in traditional life in Ireland. Hanne paid great attention to, and provided for all my possible needs during my stay, for example, being provided with my own living room. 

This is an artistic environment, surrounded by the beauty and solitude of the Burren. The garden supports all kinds of wildlife. It is also within a short distance from other inspiring venues. I recommend staying in Hanne’s Cottage, very much.”

Niamh Ní Lochlainn, (folklorist, teacher). October 2022.

“Hanne’s Cottage and the Burren landscape is a oneness of beauty, silence and spiritualty. It’s a place
of energy where you come into touch with your forces and roots and a space to enfold.
I came to Hannes Cottage by bike and spent 12 days there. Coming from the little road it is a fluent,
soft passage from the Burren area into Hanne’s wonderful garden and into the cottage, that keeps
and reflects the ancient, mystical spirit of this landscape. I felt home from the first moment. The
cottage is really cosy and welcoming, furnished in Danish style. The magic of this place is in every
detail. Hanne is a wonderful, very sensitive and creative woman living in close touch with nature. Her
exhibited photography in the cottage allows a deeper look at her amazing creative work.
I enjoyed the rich breakfast Hanne prepared every morning: homemade bread and fresh smoothie,
eggs, fruits and cheese from the local farmers and organic tea and coffee. Strengthened for the day I
explored the Burren by bike or by foot, went swimming or had a relaxed time in the beautiful garden
which is really a paradise of wildlife. I spent a lot of time there watching and enjoying birds,
butterflies, bumblebees, the big variety of wildflowers and also sunset and the nice view of the
Connemara Mountains in the distance. One late evening we had the luck to observe low-flying Long-
eared Owls in the garden. WOW!
Special highlights were my common trips with Hanne: the artist market in Ballyvaughan including an
afternoon at Bishop’s Quarter Beach, the visit of the Burren Perfumery with its beautiful garden and
Café, a walk to Eagles Rock and to the top of Mullagh More. And I enjoyed the many chats we had.
Last but not least I make a friend with the wonderful, four-legged, fluffy “Her Ladyship”. Her still
presence besides me on the sofa or by the fire meditating the flames and the common strolls
through the wood and the garden let me feel home and secure. And she is a wonderful teacher in
“To Be”. No doubt, my next stay in Ireland will lead me again to Hanne’s cottage in Caher Valley.”

Christine Bruhnke, biologist, Germany. July 2022.

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